TrafficView Help

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does all of this traffic information come from?
    State and local departments of transportation provide real-time traffic information to the University of Maryland via electronic data feeds from traffic management centers and their own 511 traveler information services.
  2. Why is the lane status missing for some incidents?
    An incident will not show lane status information if the originating department of transportation did not provide it to us.
  3. Why did I see an incident on the road, but it did not show up in this web site?
    If one of our department of transportation data providers was unaware of the incident or not actively tracking it in their own systems, it will not be in our system.
  4. Why do some video feeds occasionally become unavailable?
    Certain video feeds may be brought offline by the feed provider for various reasons, such as sensitive images that may not be suitable for the general public.
  5. Why are there no video feeds or incident data available in my area of interest?
    We are constantly working to add new cameras and other data sources to our web site, so come back often to see what has changed.  However, not all roadways are covered by cameras.  It is also possible that the department of transportation in your region is not yet capable of sharing camera feeds with us.
  6. Can I access recordings of the CCTV cameras on earlier dates?
    No. The CCTV provided by this service only offers live streaming. There are no recordings available.
  7. What do the icons in the Filter List mean?
    The icons in the Filter List displays the current status of the data.  A green checkmark Checkmark means the data is current, and is displayed on the map.  A red exclamation Exclamation means the data is offline, and is not currently visible.  A green checkmark and red exclamation Semimark means some of the data is un-available.
  8. How often does the data get updated?
    All the data on the map is updated automatically every minute, with the exception of the National Weather Service radar data, which is updated every 30 minutes. You do not need to refresh the page to display the latest data.
  9. I clicked on the Geo-Locate button but it is not doing anything or it is not taking me to my right location.  What's wrong?
    The Geo-Locate button is only available on modern browsers.  If the feature is not available, it will be greyed out. This feature uses your browser's W3C Geolocation API to detect your location.  Your location is only used to display your current location and is not sent to TrafficView nor is it saved anywhere.  For more information on this feature, visit: W3C Geolocation API .
  10. I refreshed the page to reset the position of the map, but it is still showing the same location.
    The position of the map is saved in the URL so the initial map view can be bookmarked and/or copied as a link.  In order to reset to the inital view, you can click the TrafficView logo in the top-left corner of the page.  If that does not solve the problem, then you may have set a default view.  To clear this, right-click on the 'Default View' button Default View and select 'Clear'.
  11. My 'Default View' is not being saved.
    Most of the settings you set on TrafficView are saved to cookies.  If you have disabled cookies, then your settings will not be saved.
  12. My question is not listed/I found a bug.
    For support or more information, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.